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Celebrating Earth Day 2022 With Local Edmonton Makers

Posted by Vanessa Marshall on

Reduce your plastic waste with these Canadian-owned companies

The environment is something we share, so it makes sense that we would all benefit from tackling challenges together! That’s why we are proud supporters of local products, practices, and innovators that help us reach our sustainability goals—together.

For being a prairie jewel surrounded by little more than sweeping plains and fields, Edmonton has a lot to be proud of when it comes to the environment. Our capital boasts a world-class Waste Management Program, the largest metropolitan river valley system in the world, and a staggering 86% return rate on recyclable cans and bottles. Not bad, Edmonton!

Jack59 is dedicated to sustainable packaging and products that feel as good to use on the inside as they do on the outside. But we’re not the only ones bringing sustainability to cosmetics in Alberta! Today’s blog dives into some of our favourite local products that are changing how Edmontonians can approach their wellness routines while participating in Earth Day 2022.

Change Toothpaste

Change Toothpaste

Did you know that toothpaste tubes take over 500 years to break down in landfills and offer no opportunity for recycling? Change Toothpaste looked at the state of toothpaste in landfills and decided to make just that—.

Looking for a classic flavour? You can’t go wrong with three months of Spearmint. Something more fun? Give a month of bubblegum a try!

Change Toothpaste’s zero-waste approach to locally-made toothpaste offers their customers a guilt-free smile, with great tasting, 100% biodegradable, and ethically-packaged products manufactured right here in Edmonton! Check out their website here, and get brushing with local pride! 

Soap So CoSoap So Co.

Finally, you can smell as good as you feel! Soap So Co. is where great products and ethics meet, with aesthetic and nourishing soaps made in Edmonton and delivered straight to your door.

Vegan, cruelty-free, and always exciting. Break out the beach towels and experience their unique mix of beauty and comfort with a best-selling Beach Breeze soap bar. Their Rogerie Soap Dishes are also long-lasting, made of 100% recycled plastic, and are durable without sacrificing any beauty or function. A win-win for you and the environment!

Truearth eco laundry stripsTruearth Laundry Slips

While Earth Day 2022 is all about being sensitive to the environment, what about being sensitive to your skin?

Tru Earth recognized the opportunity to do both with their eco-friendly laundry detergent strips. Instead of bulky packaging, wasteful liquid solutions, and complicated recycling processes, Tru Earth keeps it simple with pre-measured detergent strips that pack a punch (without all the packaging!)

We’re proud to support this British Columbia-based team, and always keep a stockpile of their goodies in our Jack59 shop. Get started with a 64-load pack, bursting with Fresh Linen scent. Your clothes and the environment will thank you.

Sew HappySewHappy

Not only is plastic packaging wasteful, it lacks personality. SewHappy is changing that with reusable and handmade packaging solutions that offer you all of the convenience you’ve come to expect with none of the waste.

Investing in your home pays in comfort, reliability, and joy in your everyday habits. Instead of plastic wrap, consider an elegant bowl cover or sandwich bag!

SewHappy products are locally-made, reusable, washable, and come in a variety of fun colours and patterns. Check out their Facebook page for more upcoming products—we can’t wait for the reusable popcorn bag. 🤤

Earth WarriorEarth Warrior Lifestyle

What is an Earth Warrior? According to this Edmonton-based team,

Earth Warriors are people fighting the good fight to make positive change in the world. In other words? Earth Warriors are people like you.

If that sounds to you like they’re living Earth Day 365 days a year, you’d be right. With their innovative lineup of hand-sewn products, Earth Warrior Lifestyle is promoting mindfulness in everyday life and consumption. Their products are sustainably sourced, elegantly crafted, and built for an active family life.

Our favourites? We love their all-natural sponges (made from the dried Luffa fruit) and the Unpaper Towel—a paper towel alternative with twice the absorbance and character!

Earth Day 2022 is about celebrating the everyday steps we can take to enhance our environment. For Edmontonians, that means conscious consumption, added attention to reusability, and, hopefully, some local flair!

Jack59 is excited to be a part of a vibrant community of makers and doers, and invite you to be a part of the conversation. Join us over on Instagram to see how we’re turning Earth Day into an everyday celebration for our bodies and the planet.


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