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How to Use Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Shampoo and conditioner bars are very convenient and easy to use, and when used used properly, can last for 80+ washes for shampoo bars and 100+ washes for conditioner bars. The only real difference between shampoo and conditioner bars and traditional liquid shampoo and conditioners, is the bars don't contain water. The bars will utilize the water in your hair to produce lather, and since they are extremely concentrated, a little goes a long way.



(85-90 grams // 80+ uses // eliminates 3 plastic bottle)

Simply wet your hair then wet the bar.

For shorter hair, you can lather the shampoo bar in your hands until you have enough lather, set the bar down, and apply the lather to your hair. Proceed to massage through your hair like you normally would. Rinse out the lather and proceed to conditioner bar.

For longer hair, make sure there is a sufficient amount of water in your hair to produce abundant lather. Apply the bar directly to the hair in downward strokes. Set the shampoo bar down and massage into hair like normal then rinse out, repeat if necessary and then proceed to conditioner bar. 


(65-70 grams // 100+ uses // eliminates 5 plastic bottle)

Repeat the process with the conditioner bar.

Make sure there is a nice amount of water in your hair to allow the conditioner to disperse fully through your hair. The conditioner can be left in your hair for up to 15 minutes but it is not necessary, the full effect will be achieved after a few minutes. Usually 8 to 10 downward swipes with the conditioner bar is sufficient for a beautiful result. You can quickly dip your hair under the shower water to ensure the conditioner reaches every strand. Rinse out well and style as usual. Our conditioner bars can be used as a leave in. Simply wet the conditioner bar and rub a small amount onto your hands and then smooth through the ends of your hair.

Keep bars dry between uses.