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Thick and Dry Hair

Thick and dry hair can mean loads of tangles and breakage but it can also mean you get to take advantage of having to wash your hair less often. The members of this category are often the lovelies with a number of extra full shampoo bottles with just as many empty conditioner bottles. Thick and dry hair requires a higher level of proteins and hydration to repair and soften course hair strands. Reducing the water temperature and using a leave in conditioner (our conditioner bars make fantastic leave ins) can help tame an unmanageable mane. We also recommend eliminating drying alcohol based products from your routine, instead use a hair oil like our Liquid Gold Hair Oil Treatment
Energize Shampoo
85-90g // 80+ washes
Regular price $18.00
Energize Conditioner Bar
65-70g // 100+ washes
Regular price $18.00
Energize Gift Set
2 bars + 1 Shower Container
Regular price $49.00