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5 Reasons to Love Our New 100% Compostable Shower Containers

Posted by Vanessa Marshall on

Here in the lab at Jack59, there’s nothing we get more excited about than creating products that live up to our sustainability goals. We’re always looking for new ways to create items we feel great about – and that we know you’ll feel great about too! 

This is one of the main reasons we created a brand-new hemp shower container to hold your shampoo and conditioner bars when they’re not in use. The eco-friendly design of these containers is just one reason people are snagging them. In fact, there are (at least!) five reasons pretty much anyone will love these containers. 

  1. They’re made from 100% home compostable material

    If you have already grabbed a black compostable shower container, you probably know that it’s made from an eco-friendly bioresin that can be composted in your backyard. The hemp and pink versions are no different! If you decide it’s time for a new container in the future, you can throw your container right into your compost bin alongside your eggshells and orange peels and feel great about making a difference in what does (and doesn’t) go into our local landfills. 

    The whole container is made from completely natural ingredients. In addition to the same compostable composite resin base, this version also includes locally sourced hemp, which gives it a beautiful natural colour and texture. Plus, it makes it even more environmentally friendly by creating a use for waste hemp that can’t be used in other types of products.

  2. They’re fully designed and produced in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    If shopping local is high on your priority list this year, you’ll be happy to know these containers are designed and manufactured right here in Canada. Plus, the compostable hemp material we use is sourced from a local producer in Edmonton.

  3. They keep your shower organized and mess-free

    There’s nothing like stepping into a sparkling clean shower and letting the water wash away stress and tension. But it takes more than a couple of products to keep your skin and hair glowing, which can often lead to cluttered ledges and shelves. With a container for your bars, you can keep everything neat and organized so you know exactly what to reach for at each stage in your routine.   

    Plus, there’s room for everyone’s products. Each shower container holds two bars, but if you have more bars (for example, if you have more than one hair type in your family and everyone has their own bars), the containers are stackable.

  4. They extend the life of your shampoo and conditioner bars
    Because our shampoo and conditioner bars are professional-grade hair products and are concentrated, a little goes a long way. This means that you’ll want to save every crumble of your bars. The shower containers are slotted, which means that any excess water from lathering up can drain out the bottom, leaving your bars dry and keeping them looking and feeling brand new every time you reach for them.

  5. They are the perfect travel companion
    We know that leaving your bars behind is not an option you’re willing to consider when you’re travelling. Luckily, the Jack59 shower container provides the perfect packing solution for your bars! It also comes with a reusable cotton bag so you can tuck it away virtually anywhere in your bag without worrying about residue or spills from your hair products.


Grab Yours Online or at Your Local Retail Shop

Great hair days start with great showers! We’re here to help make sure you feel great about what’s in your shower and what’s in your hair. Whether you are new to Jack59 shampoo and conditioner bars or you’ve had them in your shower forever, we encourage you to try one of our compostable shower containers for eco-friendly and mess-free bar storage. 

You can purchase your containers online or in a variety of local retail stores we’ve partnered with. Head to our shower container page for more details and to grab yours now!



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