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Natural Loofah Exfoliating Slices (Plastic Free, Unpackaged)

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This is as natural as it gets - with real dried and sliced pieces of the loofah plant that are a natural sponge alternative to help exfoliate your skin as a part of your bath and shower self-care routine. Comes with a small cotton handle so that you can hang it up between uses to keep dry. Please note - this is a naturally grown product and there are variations in the shape, color, and size - and there are still seed fragments inside. In-store display ideas: find a beautiful bowl and place these on display or hang the loofah pieces using the string on a small rack. Please note also, like many of our products, this item arrives with no individual pre-packaging to reduce material waste for a more sustainable supply chain. We use paper and cardboard packaging and dunnage to ensure it is shipped safely. Not using plastic packaging and minimal usage of other biodegradable / recyclable packaging is a key part of our mission as a brand of sustainable personal care and home products.