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Jack59 Sparkles in the Buzzfeed Limelight: Unwrapping Joy with BIPOC-Owned Canadian Businesses!

Posted by Courtenay Davidson on

Major news – we're over the moon to announce that Jack59 is shining bright on Buzzfeed's prestigious list! 🌟 As lifelong Buzzfeed Stans (we took those quizzes SO seriously), it's a dream come true to be featured alongside some of our absolute favourite Canadian BIPOC-owned brands. This holiday season, let's spread the joy and champion these fantastic Canadian businesses. 

We are blown away to be featured alongside some of our favourite brands—Caramunchies, Buff Experts, Siempre Eco, and Queenfidence Cosmetics to mention a few. Each of them brings something unique and extraordinary to the table, from Caramunchies' sweet symphony of flavors to Buff Experts' juicy, colorful, plant-powered glow. Siempre Eco bridges affordability and sustainability with artisanal, eco-friendly products supporting multiple small businesses. And bow down to Queenfidence Cosmetics, a true trailblazer in disrupting the makeup industry's lack of inclusivity. From eyeshadow palettes to matte lipsticks, they're all about helping you embrace your inner Queen.

For the full lineup of incredible Canadian BIPOC-owned brands to check off the gift list, check out the complete list on Buzzfeed. Let's make this holiday season a celebration of diversity and support for these amazing businesses!" 🌈💖✨


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