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A Sustainable Canada Day

Posted by Vanessa Marshall on


If you’re looking to make your parties a little more sustainable this Canada Day, you’ve come to the right place.

Taking small steps to be eco-friendly is a part of Canadian culture. Whether you’re exploring the backcountry of the foothills and Rockies or putting the finishing touches on your yard this Canada Day, there is something to celebrate for everyone in our province.

To help keep our cities and countryside as clean and welcoming as can be for future generations, we’re giving you a guide with some tips as to how you can live a sustainable lifestyle while still celebrating Canada Day with a bash!

As Indigenous business owners, we understand the benefits and importance of sustainable living. To us, Canada Day is a celebration of the past and future—an appreciation that only can only exist so long as we care for the present. Our products are designed, manufactured, and shipped sustainably, but we can’t do it alone! Thank you to everyone who has taken us along in their sustainability journey.

Without further ado, let’s get into some sustainable Canada Day tips!

Reusable Bowl Covers and Bags!

For keeping salads crisp and meats safe from cross-contamination, reusable bowl covers are the best way to go! Instead of pulling out lengths of wasteful plastic, beeswax or cloth bowl covers can accomplish the same task without the waste! For a local twist, we love SewHappyYEG’s collection of zero-waste food storage crafts!

Bamboo Utensils and Plates!

Unlike plastic, bamboo utensils aren’t reliant on non-renewable resources. It goes deeper than that, however. Did you know that bamboo isn’t even a tree? It’s a type of grass, meaning there are no complicated and time-consuming planting cycles. Not only that, but bamboo generates 40% more oxygen than trees and decomposes within three years!

Host a Block Party!

Getting together without the commute is a great way to keep Canada Day celebrations eco-friendly. Combining celebrations with friends and neighbours makes for bigger parties, more laughs, and less driving for all parties! Sharing with your community can open the door to less consumption overall, like borrowing shared garden tools, exchanging last-minute baking materials, or free babysitting opportunities for the kids. Everyone wins when you live like a local!

More Veggie Sides (And Mains)!

We get it—veggie centrepieces can sometimes fall flat. But if you haven’t tried some of the newest products out there, it’s incredible how far the vegetarian substitution market has come! With awesome recipes for bean burgers, Beyond Meat substitutes, and a Canadian push for alternative proteins, you’re never far away from a fulfilling and inclusive meal around the picnic table. 

Meal Prep Accordingly for Less Food Waste!

Whether you’re packing for the backyard or the backcountry, keeping tabs on the number of guests will go a long way toward helping you keep your food waste (and budget) in check. When thoughtful food planning and low-waste storage containers are used, you can even turn those excess leftovers into freezable, filling meals for the days to come! Making big dinners should be like any natural resource—take only what you need. ♥︎

While not every day can be a party, you can still start your mornings off right with our lineup of low-impact shampoo and conditioner bars, along with dozens of other toiletry products that will leave you and the environment sparkling. Let us help you consume ethically with Canadian-sourced sustainable goods that excite, refresh, and leave the world a better place than how you found it.

When we work together to preserve nature, we can celebrate Canada Day the way we ought to—with an appreciation for all nature has provided us. Want more tips or have some ideas for how we can make this Canada Day even more special? Drop us a line!


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